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Friday, May 31, 2013

Homemade Salsa

Kyle loves homemade Salsa. He cannot stand the stuff that comes in a jar.

Being the, Montana bred/white girl that I am, I don't have a bunch of homemade salsa recipes. I'll cook you a rare elk steak any day. However, when it comes to Mexican food... well, mine is Americanized to say the least.

Kyle requested some homemade salsa last night and I decided to take on the challenge regardless of the fact that I had reservations. I mean let's be honest. I knew that Pioneer Woman or Paula Dean or someone from food network would have a simple 5 star recipe on the internet just waiting for me to use.

I chose my recipe and walked a block to our local produce market and....... they didn't have over half of the ingredients that I needed.

Ok, time to fake it 'til you make it! Kyle wanted salsa and that's what he's gonna get.

Turns out it was a hit! I'm sure I'll tweek it as time goes by, but here is my Salsa recipe. Kyle approved!


 3 large ripe tomatoes diced
 1 small white onion finley chopped
 1 small red onion diced
 1 clove garlic minced
 1 4oz can yellow peppers and liquid (dice peppers and add juice)
 1 chopped green pepper
 1/2 large jalapeno pepper diced
 salt, pepper, onion powder to taste
 2 Tbs vegitable oil
 juice of 1 lemon

I would have added cilantro if the store had it! You can also use a can or green chili's instead of yellow ones if you'd like.

Just add it all into a bowl, stir, and let sit. (you can serve it right away, but the longer it sits the more the flavors mix.. yummy)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 years

Today marks 2 years of being married to the man of my dreams. I can't begin to tell you of the blessing it is to be his wife! I have learned so much from him. Kyle is patient, humble, teachable, and is a man who loves to memorize scripture. He has gently lead me. Lovingly points out sin. He works hard to provide for us, and he loves to take me on adventures! I am FAITHFULLY loved.

Here are some fun/random pictures from our journey thus far:

(I randomly take pictures of him all the time, because I think he's so cute!!! It's not his favorite, but he smiles anyway)
Engagement Shoot

Just being pirates for Halloween. Arg!

Camping in Joshua Tree

a little trip to Bozeman Mt. Kyle loved it as much as I said he would!

Tennessee for our dear friends wedding

date night! (I just had to take a picture of him. his lips were so red it looked like lipstick.. hahahahaha)

Camping in the Sierra's

yes, camping again. "Team 'Merica"

Supporting my sister at a recital. Wow! she has a great voice!

Just stopping by Minnie's for a bite to eat and a chat

Memorial Day Weekend. He's thinking "why in the world am I smiling for another random photo?!?!"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Learning to say no

It seems that everywhere I look women are pregnant or having babies and telling me that I have NO idea what it means to be busy and that I wont know what busy is until I have a little one running around.

Obviously I have no way to counter act them because I don't have a little one running around. In fact it's a little scary to write this because I may look back on it in the future and think "what a fool you were!" Well, I guess I'm going to be a fool and tell you. I have been busy, and the Lord is humbling me and teaching me to say no and remember my priorities.

I don't have babies, but I do work full time, try to maintain our home, and stay involved in ministry. On top of that it seems that every weekend fills up.

I realized that things are falling a little through the cracks. I just don't feel on top of things. I was getting up at 5 every morning and how I'm up at 6:30. I was having a breakfast ready for Kyle so that his getting up at 4 or 4:30 wouldn't be quite so tiring. I was on top of laundry, and cleaning and the list goes on.

There are a lot of things I WAS doing.

Then all of those little "yes's" to "good" things took over.

The weekend trip to see people, or to serve at this one event, or to do whatever, took over my life.

The Lord really humbled me to show me that it wasn't so much the business of life that took over, as much as my lack of discipline in keeping the main things the main things. Isn't that how it always is? Even for you moms out there? Does our lack of time at the end of the day really come from making other things besides our role our priorities? Or in being discontent and so you pursue things that aren't what the Lord has called us to pursue FIRST?

I am learning my limitations. ( 10 pm is a limitation for me. If I'm awake at 10, I am not going to be very productive the next morning) That makes me feel a little old. But it's true. Kyle has been Oh so Patient with me as I learn to be a better wife.

So here is my plea to you. Pray for me after you finish reading this. Pray that the Lord would continue to convict my sin and give me the strength and desire to grow!

I've stocked our fridge; we're good for meals for the month and laundry is underway. I have un-packed from our trip and tonight Kyle and I are back at it with the projects.

I know my will-power will give out unless I realize that I am serving the Lord by staying within my role and needing to gain my strength from Him. 

5 days

There are 5 days left of school. Everyone is done. Like, "put a fork in us" kind of done. Here are a few snippets from the day so you can fully understand....

Miss Prario: "Hailey, did your dad mention anything about an email I sent him last night?"

Hailey: "Yeah, probably."

Miss Prario: "Well, he either did or he didn't. Did he say anything to you about it?"

Hailey: "Oh, he didn't say anything to me, but he probably mentioned it to himself. Sometimes he talks to himself."

Also, I danced down the hall with "James Brown". (One of our 4th graders who is James Brown in the play tonight)

And last, but definitely not least..... Our science teacher went to the bathroom and came out with her skirt tucked into her underwear... She made it all the way down the hall to her classroom before we could catch her.

It's been a wonderful day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tennessee or Bust!... (Burst)

We had whirlwind of a weekend. We headed to Nashville for the wedding of one of our dearest friends. Our "theme" was Tennessee or Bust, until we ate way more Southern Food than we thought possible and turned our "theme" to Tennessee or Burst! I felt constantly full.

It was wonderful to catch up with some old friends, make new ones, and re-kindle friendships. It was an encouraging time and oh so beautiful!

This was Truly a Southern Style Restaurant. They sit you at a large table and as people come in they sit them with you. Just one big family style meal. The food was delicious and it was fun to meet and have fun with total strangers. There is a sign above the door that says "come as strangers, leave as friends."

I LOVE the excited faces of the bridal party as they watch Jazz walk down the aisle. This was one of my favorite moments of the weekend.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pink Hair

Confession: I hate it when people say "It was such a God thing". Guess what, EVERYTHING is a God thing!

Now, despite how much I hate when people say that, I do understand what they mean. Yesterday was one of those days when the Lord reminded me of His perfect timing and perfect planning.

At work yesterday I came around the corner into our lobby to meet the lady I was going to give the tour of our school to. She was sitting there, on the floor, with her son and daughter playing with some blocks while she waited for me. I couldn't help but look instantly at her Bright Pink Hair. I have to say she pulled off the look quite nicely.

She stood up, shook my hand, and we started the tour.

I began by asking a little about her son, who if accepted, would join our 1st grade class next year.

(I instantly noticed how tall he was for his age. I know, imagine me noticing someones height...) She told me that although he is a good kid he's really struggled a bit more during his kindergarten year than she thought he would.

Then she paused. Took a deep breath. Then spelled "I have C A N C E R".

"He knows that I have it, I just try to protect him and not talk about it in front of him all the time. I have stage 4 breast cancer." Her hand slid across where her breasts used to be.

"He is having a hard time.That's why I dyed my hair. I wanted to celebrate finishing my first round of treatment."

Of all the schools in Southern California she decided to walk into the one that I work in. Despite the fact that our waiting list is so long he probably wont get in, despite the fact that it would be a bit of a drive to bring him here, despite the fact that she didn't really know if she would switch his schools or not, The Lord brought her into my school.

"My mom had stage 4 breast cancer too." I was her sons age when my mom was diagnosed.

I don't know if I told her much about the school. Mostly she just asked me questions about how my mom handled raising us despite her cancer, and what she did to prepare for her death.

I work in a public school, and I'm not supposed to talk about my faith. But I didn't care. I shared the hope that my mom had with this woman and the hope that I have in the Lord.

It turns out that she is a believer as well.

She shared her fears and her deep concerns for her family. She shared that she wants her husband to get re-married, but that he isn't ready for that conversation yet. She shared her deep love for her family.

At the end we got to look at each other and say, "This isn't our home. We are going to go home some day, to a place without pain, sadness, fear, or death. Until then, we don't need to understand, we need to have faith that The Lord is in control and that He is Lord and we are not!"

She started crying and I stood in the hallway hugging a pink haired woman I didn't know.

The Lord uses the craziest things to humble me and remind me of Himself. My mother died in such a way that her testimony still encourages people today. She died focused on her Lord and wanting to put Him on display.

I get so easily caught up in the mundane things of life that this was a good reminder to keep the "main things the main things."

Rebecca is having a scan on Thursday to see how successful the treatment was and what future treatment might look like. If you think about it, pray for her. I don't know if I'll ever talk to her again or not, but I am so thankful that I got to meet her!

Friday, May 10, 2013

girl talk blog

Remember the contest letter I wrote about my mom? Well it was one of the winners!!! It is featured today on the girl talk blog and can be seen here!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I know I just posted something, but I just saw a sneak peak of a project one of my small group girls is working on for me. I am SO excited about it!

I told her a favorite hymn of mine and some favorite verse and she is making a total of 6 pages for me that will look something like this:

The girls may not realize it, but I have been abundantly blessed by having the privilege of leading their small group. They are a daily encouragement to me!

I really got to know Suzy at Summer Camp last year. She went only because her father really wanted her to, but she was open minded. I got to sit next to her on the bus and hear a bit about her and knew instantly how much I was going to love her!

By the time we arrived at camp she was already glad she went.

I have seen her open up to the girls, and ask for accountability. She is consistent with her time in the Word, and is always ready to be pushed harder and learn more.

I love her honesty and love for those around her.

Every time I look at my art I will also think of the sweet girl who made it for me!

Teacher Appreciation Week

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! This week is just as good as birthday week, or Christmas! (yes, I said birthday week, because at a school kids bring you cards all week long.) I love the homemade gifts and cards the best.

I had one note from a student say, "You have made me realize what an awesome school this is. I wish we could hang out more. I appreciate the time you take to read with me."

How could that do anything but make your day?!

Speaking of making my day.... I had 4 third graders write me apology cards today because they didn't listen to me in the lunch room yesterday.

Oh my goodness they are so cute!

Here are some snippets from them:

"I am very very sarey that I was not lessining. and also for messing-orond. and haveing fore you to cull me 5 times."

"Dear M.s Beckkiy im sorry for disobaying you and not paying attenchen."

"Me and my friends are so so sorry that we where disobaiying you. sinsexley, Matthew"

I love working at a school.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

sometimes life really is a musical

I was in the kindergarten classroom today and the kids were working while listening to "free choice" music. One of the girls was working so diligently until.....

"A Whole New World!"

At the sound of the song she immediately jumped up from her seat and danced and sang the whole song, to the whole class.

Then, in first grade today they were singing tangled and the girls were pretending to swing on their hair. 

Later, during line up 2 of my students were singing and dancing their choreographed song from The Little Mermaid.

I thought, "Maybe life really is a musical to little kids!!!"

Then I remembered that our Kindergarten teacher was Belle at Disneyland for 5 years, and our 1st grade teacher was Mickey Mouse at Disneyland for 7 years.

Enjoy it while it lasts kids..... 2nd grade is going to be a sad reality for you.