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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Decor

Family in Idaho, this one is for you... I wanted to share a bit of the Thompson Christmas decor with you.

I can't hardly wait to be home celebrating with you!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Heritage

A dear friend of mine gave a little talk at my baby shower. I was prepared to hear all about parenting. Things to do and things not to do, and a few "tricks" that she had learned through the years. Instead I was given the sweetest speech. I couldn't even look at her for fear of tears.

My friend talked about my qualities, and encouraged me to take what I already have into parenting, then she talked about my family. She knows my parents well and has met all of my sisters and grandparents, and nephews and neices. She encouraged me with the godly heritage that I come from.

There are at least 4 generations of believers that come before me in my family. There may be more, however, I just don't know. I was able to sit there and look at my grandmother (Jonathan Boone's great grandmother) and my sisters, and my nephews and realize that because of nothing of ourselves we have been blessed with a rich heritage.

My Mom could have come down to visit me and be at my baby shower (which she would have loved!) But instead she and my dad and sister stayed with my grandpa for a week so that my grandma could be with us. They adjusted their lives and schedules so that we could be blessed. (And we were!!!)

There are generations of my family that pray for Kyle and I, and who pray for Jonathans salvation. It's a bit overwhelming really, but it's one of the dearest blessings the Lord has bestowed on Kyle and I... I wouldn't trade that for the world!

Abigail, if you read this one, then ask grandma and Dad and Mom how they got saved. Ask them about Granny, ask them about grandmama and granddaddy, and watch. You are already such a sweet girl, and teachable, so learn their ways!!! As mom always says, "it will come back to you ten fold".

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wood Girl stories that made grandma laugh until she cried

When the subject of my childhood comes up I can't help but smile and often laugh. It was a truly unique experience, and while it was surrounded by tragedy at the passing of my mother, it was filled with love, adventure, and sisters. (there are 5 of us girls...... yes, my poor dad.)

We have often talked about writing a book together, and sadly it hasn't happened yet. But my grandma came down to visit me (which was absolutely fabulous!) and while we were at a friends house my sisters, grandma, and I started sharing childhood stories. Katie was laughing so hard she could barely talk, Deb was wheezing which is her form of laughter, and when I looked at grandma I saw that she was laughing so hard she was crying.

Katie was sharing a story of our summer nanny. Our first nanny, and our last. She was a crotchety older lady who read romance novels, made food that dogs couldn't eat (literally) and was the worst driver I've ever seen. She ran over our neighbors mailbox twice in one summer. Of course this was because she had to put her entire head below the dashboard to change the radio station, which is the normal.........right?  She also thought that Debbie was sneaky because she would grab string cheese (the only edible food in the fridge) without asking and without letting Kitty know. Some day, if the book is ever made, I will share the whole story...

There are only 40 days until Christmas, and 32 days until I get to go home!!! While there, I hope to put pen to paper and start recounting some of our childhood adventures with my sisters.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Boone's Baby Shower

I was abundantly blessed with the sweetest baby shower this past weekend. The girls who threw it for me did a fabulous job and showed me so much love.

My grandmother flew from Idaho to be there for it, and my two of my sisters and mother in law was able to come as well. It was a great time.

Amber, the host took some pictures of the event for me. She is a great photographer... Here they are.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The worst spider in the shower experience

I have a very healthy fear and hatred of spiders. You can try to tell me all day long that I am much bigger than a spider and that they are more afraid of me than I am of it.. blah blah blah... I know the truth. They are evil little things with amazing agility and they don't have to be big to be scary.

Last night Kyle and I decided we would go to the 8:00pm showing of Thor. Once we made our plans to go I realized I didn't have much time to make dinner, shower and get to the show to stand in line for opening night. So, I put some pasta on the stove and thought that I would QUICKLY shower in time to drain the pasta.


I got in the shower and lathered up my face, hair, and body, right when our water pressure went from full blast to nothing. This sometimes happens to us. Pretty rarely, but every once in awhile when our landlords are using a lot of water and we try to shower, we get no water pressure.

So there I am, a soapy mess, when I spot the spider, right above my head. I can't get out of the shower because I'll probably just slip and fall from the soap suds (which I hear is really not good for pregnant people) but I can't rinse off either because there is no water.

I also realize that I cannot take my eyes off the spider because if I do and he crawls away to a place I can't see then I'll never be able to find him and kill him.

Oh, and the pasta is still cooking.

Hallelujah the water pressure came back on.... FOR ONE SECOND!

The water continued to tease me like this. Little bursts of water pressure for a second or two, but not enough to rinse off, and at this time the Spider is making a break for the door. He can't get out of the bathroom or I may lose him!

The water pressure come back... This time just long enough for me to actually rinse of and jump out of the shower.

I muster up my courage, grab some toilet paper, and squash the spider.... Or so I thought.

He wouldn't die! I tried to smash him 4 times!

One the last try he dropped to the floor on his little string thing, right before I could get to him. I almost panicked, but instead I squished him and flushed him down the toilet.

The Spider was killed.

Dinner was saved.

I was clean.

Thor was great.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Too soon for a countdown to Christmas???

I was looking through some pictures and saw a couple of me and my whole family and I just can't wait for Christmas when we are all together!

So I know it's early and we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet, BUT its just 45 days until we're all together!!!