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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homemade Tomato Basil Pizza

It was a perfect night for a movie and pizza.  We rented "Man on a Ledge" and I made some Tomato Basil pizza.

 It was a great date night :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

the 3rd born club goes to Disneyland

A while back I was talking to a lady at church and she was sharing little personality traits of her 3rd born son with me. I am also the 3rd born and told her that I had a lot in common with her boy. This young boy, we'll call him Bruce Wayne (he loves batman) found out that we were both 3rd born and began the 3rd born club. Shockingly there are quite a few 3rd born boys at our church. (They are all about 10 + years my junior)

The boys came up with a hand shake, we are starting initiation into the club (apparently being the 3rd born doesn't automatically qualify you anymore) and we have been consistently growing. However, this wasn't enough in the boys eyes. We needed a really cool first outing for the 3rd born club. 

One of the boys, lets call him Robin (he also loves batman and  knows Robins whole life story) has a cousin that works at Disneyland and was willing to get us 3 free park hopper tickets! Not enough tickets to accommodate our whole club, so the boys decided it should be founding members only. 

They got permission from their moms, worked out the tickets, found the date and then asked me to join (and be their chauffeur, just call me Alfred)

So there we were, Bruce Wayne, Robin, and Alfred off to Disneyland and California Adventure! 

picture from google

We had a blast! 

We first went on Radiator Racers in Cars Land, then Tower of Terror, ( Bruce pretended it was his first time and in "fear" held tightly onto  the stranger sitting next to him and screamed the whole time. Maybe I shouldn't have told him that I did that when I was his age. oops) Then we went on Soarin' Over California before we hit the Silly Swings (which we went on 5 times in a row, after eating lunch. Then we went on California Screamin'. Yes I did want to puke.

Then it was off to Disneyland for yummy food, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, (Indiana Jones was closed :( )and a few other fun things. 

Then back to California Adventure for more Tower of Terror, California Screamin, Cars Land and then I said no to any more swings...

We were one tired crew leaving that day, but a very happy one. After all we were at the Happiest Place on Earth. 

P.s. we saw a bunch of characters. Way more than I usually see. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Jessie from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Tigger, Lightning Mcqueen, TowMater, the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

new apartment photos

After we moved I was asked by my sister and grandma to post pictures on my blog. 

I finally promised that I would put some up this weekend. Then I got sick. I have the flu :( So does Kyle

That being said I did take some pictures, but they aren't great pictures, and I will post more soon. At least it's something!

Here you go!

I know it's my place and so I'm biased, but I don't think the pictures show it very well. Mostly because I'm not a good photographer, but also, it's hard to capture exactly how something looks. Either way, Kyle and I are excited about our new place! I'll post more pictures as our projects continue!