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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My son hates to sleep

Jonathan will no longer fall asleep unless I hold him, and he has started waking up in the night again. 

We have tried, by our estimation, everything. 

I'm not afraid to let him cry it out in the crib. This just doesn't work. He works himself up and cries and cries and screams and you would think he'll fall asleep, but he doesn't. He does finally calm down, and then just plays in the crib until he realizes he's alone and starts to scream again. 

This week I probably won't leave my house because I will simply be trying to get his sleeping under control. Which means I won't sleep at all. 

This has made me think of all the times my mom and dad held me, sang to me, played with me, lost sleep for me, prayed for me, pleaded with the Lord that I would sleep so they could sleep, and sacrificed for my good. 

I am sure I won't ever fully know all the love I have been given. 

When Jonathan was fussy yesterday I found myself saying to him "Do not complain, you are too loved to ever complain. Mommy loves you, daddy loves you, and most importantly Jesus loves you."

I said this over and over until I heard myself say it. I was struck by it. How often the little truths we tell our children are the truths that we need. I need to not complain about my sleepless child. I am so loved. I am so blessed. The Lord has granted me a baby. It is my job to make him sleep, which is hard. However, it's also my job to make him laugh, and play with him, and watch him grow. 

I am too loved to complain. 

Ok, as I am typing this Kyle and I are in the living room of our little place listening to Jonathan scream instead of sleep... it's been 40 minutes... and Kyle say's: Man, that kid has all of our worst qualities. He does! He doesn't want to miss anything, like his dad. He is stubborn and curious like his mom. It's the trifecta of no sleep. 

Anyway, what was I saying? I am too loved to complain.

The Lord is stripping me of my impatience. One nap at a time. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Put some clothes on

I was going to be supermom...( hold on while I laugh hysterically at myself for a moment. Seriously, I'm laughing out loud) Then reality struck.

I don't wear pants anymore. I'm not entirely sure when this happened. Recovering from a c-section I wore dresses or sweat pants, but once the weather warmed up, I ditched those and have been wearing my "Risky Business" attire ever since. (Tom Cruise pulls it off much better than I do!) -- poor Kyle 

I forgot to brush my teeth the other day. Yep. It's a good thing I didn't leave the house. It was crazy busy, I was doing laundry and cleaning, and Boone was having teething fits all day. I realized I hadn't brushed my teeth when, and I do not exaggerate, I was holding Jonathan, rocking him and kissing his cheek when he flung his head as far away from me as possible and simultaneously pushed my face away. I found this odd since he doesn't normally act that way, and went I put my head close to him again, he did the same thing. It then dawned on me that I had horrible coffee/morning/onions in my lunch breath. -- Poor Jonathan

I decided to run some errands and threw on a dress, put Jonathan in the car and before I got in the car decided to quickly check the mail. Right then I felt a breeze on my upper thigh. MY UPPER THIGH?! I thought as I put my hand on my leg. My dress was oh so nicely tucked into my underwear---Poor Neighbors

The Other day Jonathan was STILL TEETHING, and I was not feeling well at all. So, we napped most of the day, and also watched all of the Jane Austin movies. I didn't realize that this had affected me so much, until a friend nicely pointed out on the phone that I was talking differently. 

Friend: "Yeah, sometimes when I watch a lot of those movies I talk like them for a bit.
Me: "As I reflect upon your words, I realize that I too, can be prone to such behavior." 

--poor people who have to interact with me. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

90s Friday

I decided I was going to expose J to some of the music of my generation.. So, I put on Pandora's 90's Pop radio. So far this morning I have listened to a little of the Goo Goo Dolls, the Chili Peppers, Oasis (Wonderwall will always be one of my favorite songs) and currently Tal Bachman's "She's So High" is playing. I'm pretty sure this song was in EVERY teenage RomCom in the 90's. I'm jamming out in my pj's and my poor kid decided it was just too much for him and he needed a nap.

Next up, I think I'm going to indulge and watch Armageddon and have 'leavin' on a jet plane' stuck in my head for days.

Happy Friday!

(P.s. When I am notified that someone has added me to their circles... what exactly does that mean?)