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Thursday, September 29, 2011

listening to kids...

Monday through Thursday I watch 3 different classes so that the teachers can get a break. First I watch the 1st graders. 

First Grade:

 Miss Misty "Bekki, don't let the kids have donuts for Henry's birthday until I get back"
Me               "got it"
 Miss Misty exits
Trevor (who was standing next to me listening to this conversation) "Miss Bekki, Miss Misty just told me I can have a donut."
Me              "No, she didn't, please eat your lunch at your table."
Trevor        " I don't have a lunch, so maybe I should eat the donut so I'm not starving"
Me              " Trevor, your pizza is sitting at your seat."
Trevor         " Oh, yeah...... " walks away and then tells the kids at his table, "what else do you think we could say to get a donut?" 

Monday, September 26, 2011

sometimes I feel grown up. until.......

I walk into the 1st grade class that I help and one of the girls tells me she has my same shoes....

I get distracted talking to Kyle on the phone and get my hair stuck in a tree because I forgot to duck (think I would have remembered that by now, I've been over  6'3'' since I was 14)

I walk into the library and go straight to the teen section to find the book I'm looking for.  (no i do not read vampire books or teem romance novels)

 I taught the 5th grade class I watch one of those hand slapping games... maybe working with kids isn't good for me. 

I'll share more soon...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

Yes, I am one of those people who grew up on Anne of Green Gables and still loves it. One of the items on my bucket list is to go to Prince Edward Island. 

Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend asking if I wanted to join her and a couple of girls for brunch and Anne of Green Gables.... yes please! 

Maybe it's moving, maybe it's the time of year, Maybe it's just me being weird, but I've been a little sentimental the last couple of days, and this is the cure! 

Next I may just have my sisters come over so we can watch 7 brides for 7 brothers and learn the dances again... yep we did that.... 

In other news, I'm in the search for a good book... a really good book. Lately when I ask people for a good book, they are really poorly written. Do English majors not write anymore? Anyway, if you have an idea let me know :) 

Monday, September 19, 2011

off the floor

One of the things about starting out is that you have nothing. This has actually been kind of fun for Kyle and I, because we get to have little adventures in building furniture, or shelves, or tables. When Kyle and I first got married we didn't have a bed that would fit the both of us. I had a twin bed, and thinking that I would be getting a new bed with my husband, gave it away to my younger sister who needed a new bed in her apartment. 

Kyle thought this was no problem as he had a twin bed and thought that we could sleep on that for the time being. 

That lasted less than a week. I am 6'6'' and don't share twin beds well. 

So we moved to the floor, put two twin mattresses together, put a thick memory foam on top of them both, and we had a king bed.

3 months later we were still on the floor. So my husband loving me like he does decided that he would make me a bed frame! (I might have asked him to do this, just a few times, he was pretty comfortable on the floor.)

So we started:
Kyle asked me to sit on one side of the wood so that he could saw, yep saw. I was really nervous

 then we sanded (a lot, we had to make the legs perfectly flat) Kyle would come by with the level and make sure we were doing it right.. SO glad Bri was with me!!! She added a ton of fun to the day :)

next came the building of the support, pretty much we made ladders
 We worked pretty late, until kyle and I were tired and sore and Bri had already gone... But we were over half way done. 

We assembled in our room the next day

notice that it is still nice and bright outside.
The 49er game was on, and I took a Sunday nap, so we didn't finish until kinda late. But we worked hard, in that "I'm so tired I'm giggly" sort of way.
almost there..


I asked to get off the floor and Kyle delivered. It's REALLY tall! we went from the floor to the ceiling. Notice we're halfway up that window. Our next step is to saw off 5 inches from the legs and stain.  But we slept on it last night (we literally had to climb into bed, that glow form the left side of the bed is the lamp on our night stand, just to give you a hint at how tall it is) 

We love our bed though, slept great! Thank you Kyle! He is the architect.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

the Job

Two days ago I received a call from a lady telling me that she had my old number, but had been trying to get in touch with me for a part-time job at a local charter school and thought I should come in on Friday. I thought that was for the interview... turns out it was for orientation. I got the job with no interview. Thank you to friends who spoke well of me!

My heart started thumping. I (and many of my family and friends) had been praying that I would get a job for the last two months. Well without even an interview I was given a job. It is EXACTLY  what Kyle and I were hoping that I would get. 

When I was telling my mom about the job we both got to take a moment and pause, to reflect why now? why this job? what has the Lord been teaching Kyle and I through this? It is often at the end of something that you see what the Lord was doing, you don't always know whats going on in the middle of it. So here are a few things we learned...

  That you must be faithful with little to be faithful with much

That giving to the church is a priority

To be content in any station in life
That my job is not to provide, it's to be a wife

That we can trust the Lord in ALL, including timing and money

That every single need has been met (if He cares for the sparrow, how much more will He care for us, His children)

And now I think that the Lord is going to teach me about submission..... my husband just texted me and says he wants a cat. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting Out.... slowly

I do realize that I have already posted today... but seeing as I want to post this and that there isn't that much else for me to do at the moment... here we go

Disclaimer:  I am thankful for Kyle's job, thankful for this move, all that the Lord is teaching us, and for the great people that we've met.. That being said, I want to explain a little about my days, because life can sometimes be frustrating or hard, without wanting to change your circumstances.

I am not working and we're on a budget, which means.... I spend a lot of time alone at home. However, not able to do much because we are saving our money and I can't just go buy things for crafts when I want because I know my husband would prefer dinner when he gets home as opposed to a newly decorated bedroom.

I wake up, have breakfast and do my quiet time (which is actually one plus to no job, i get to read and pray for long periods and not worry about a schedule to follow) Then I start the job hunt. I have literally walked into almost every building in Temecula and asked if they are hiring. "No, but you can always apply." or "We don't do applications in the store, you can go online and apply though." are the two responses I ALWAYS get. 

So I've taken to applying online and.... YELLOW PAGES! Yep, I go to type in Temecula for location and a topic such as "Dentists" (they give great benefits if you can get a job as a receptionist) and I call. "Hello, my name is Rebekah Thompson, I was wondering if you are currently hiring in the Receptionist position." "No, ok, thanks anyway!"

No one wants to hire me. Kyle isn't too worried, We don't NEED me to be working, but it would be a GREAT blessing. In the mean time I plan our meals, clean the apartment, go on walks, and read blogs and my favorite.. I Pin. Thank the Lord for Pinterest. Kyle isn't too thankful for it, as I am constantly asking for his help in projects that I find on there, but he does love the recipes I try. 

So this is starting out right now, those early stages I will someday tell my kids about. How we made it on love and blogs...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Work dinner

Last night Kyle and I attended a work dinner..... I feel old. I told Kyle that as we arrived and he said " I don't feel old, I feel like a 17 year old hanging out with grown-ups". Great, now I felt even older because I was reminded I'm older than my husband.

It was a truly great night though. The dinner was hosted at kyle's boss's house (which is gorgeous) and I got to meet all the men I've been hearing about from Kyle, but better than that I got to meet their wives. This move has been good, but an adjustment all the same. Kyle's job is very demanding, especially during the beginning years. 

These women have paved the way for me. They have been where I'm at, they have patiently loved their husbands through late nights and stressful times and all the while maintained healthy thriving homes that are focused on the Lord. I have amazing examples to follow..I'm not going to lie, it's a bit intimidating.

A wonderful night though; the Lord has greatly blessed us with this opportunity and with such a family to be a part of.

On the way home Kyle and I were discussing how all of this has been made possible because of my dad. He has been faithful to follow the Lord and to pursue great friendships, and through that we were given this job opportunity. We both want to be such a blessing to our children some day.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Seeing as this is my first post I want to give you a glimpse into what I aim to do with this blog. Being recently married I have jumped feet first in to many "beginnings". With all of my beginnings I want first and foremost to honor the Lord, then to bless and honor my husband, and lastly to be some sort of encouragement to those who follow me; may it be a recipe I post that you enjoy, or you simply laughing at my wonderful life... So here we go, starting out.