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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Servant? or status seeker?

While listening to a sermon by Allistair Begg today he said something that stood out to me. "You should be about serving, not status." Read it again, "You should be about serving, not status."

Couldn't we unpack that statement for awhile? As a stay at home mom this could be my mantra. As a wife this could be my mantra. But as a believer shouldn't it be so intimately written on my heart I live this way without thought? Shouldn't it be my desire to live like my Lord who came to be a servant among men? 

I think that statement by Begg stood out to me because it seems to be something brought up in different circles lately. It is observed by those in the generation ahead of me that those in my generation want status, demand status, and serve for the sake of status.

When I think of the qualifications and role of an elder, those of "highest status" in a church, they are the most humble men of character. Isn't that why they were asked to be elders? No elder goes to a church and asks to be put in that position. The church goes to the qualified man and asks him to serve. And serve they do. They pray for the congregation, plan for the congregation, hold fast to the teaching of the Word of God for the congregation, they invest in our lives, give counsel, and do it all that they may serve us and the Lord. They don't do it for status. 

Think about people in the Bible who are honored; Joseph, Daniel, David. They lived lives in quiet submission to the Lord, and after a lifetime of faithfulness the Lord blessed them greatly. 

I hope I don't serve for status, and if I am blind to areas where I do, I hope the Lord strips me of it. 

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