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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Marriage Retreat

Our church does a great job of promoting and supporting marriage. Every year they do an event for couples, or a retreat. This year they did a retreat in San Diego and Kyle and I were able to attend.

It was a great little get away. The speaker was one of our favorite pastors and his wife was able to join him on the trip. She is a real gem and I loved spending time with her.

We were able to explore San Diego a bit. Hang out with friends. Enjoy a couple nights sleep without our little one to wake us up ( My sister and brother in law kindly watched him so we could get away) And hear really encouraging sermons on marriage.

Here are a couple of things that were said at the retreat that really stuck out to Kyle and I. (They may not seem to be related to marriage, but they were)

- Less of you, More of Christ.
- Never be ok with making excuses
- "You are strongest together when you are strongest in the Lord alone."
- "Sin will keep you from this book, or this book will keep you from sin."
- Dignity= knowing how to behave in every situation.

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