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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jonathan turned 1

Yep, my baby is one years old! Well he turned one on February 8th. I can't really believe how quickly it went by. I know parents always say "enjoy it, because in no time he'll be graduating high school." Well if the rest of his life goes this quickly It'll seem like his graduation is at the end of the week.

Somehow, at the very same time it seems like the longest year ever. Probably because I am just so tired. I don't remember what consistent sleep was like. Really, I don't remember.

His first birthday was just the sweetest. We wanted to keep it small. I invited about 8 families, and didn't think that all of them would come. But they all came, and brought their entire families and about 30-40 people ended up being at his party. Really it was just a celebration that Kyle and I had kept him alive for a year, and then we handed Jonathan a cupcake, which he wasn't interested in eating.


We are SO blessed by our community of friends at church. They have truly become like family. They have loved us so much and supported, come along side, and did I mention loved us? Of course our actual family came down for the birthday and some close friends from LA. J has no idea how loved he is, and it brings me to tears to think about the community he already has at the age of 1.

We celebrated a bit early since Kyle and I were gone the weekend of his birthday for a marriage retreat. We picked him up Sunday afternoon (His actual birthday) took him to Kyle's parents house and had a small celebration.

This time he LOVED his cake and couldn't get enough.

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