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Friday, September 26, 2014

a kiss on the forehead

 Everyone goes through busy times at work, and lately Kyle has been a bit busy. He hasn't complained and has kept a smile on his face, although I know there is one thing that is very hard for him. When he comes home late it means there are days that he doesn't get to see Jonathan.

It's a season, and I am sure that every dad has times when this is true of them as well, and I know that some fathers have it much much worse than we do. It has made me think a lot about the role of a husband and father. They get up early, they work all day, and they do it to provide for the people that they love the most, the people they leave at home every day and who they don't always get to see.

I get to experience the daily blessing of Kyle's hard work. I get to be a stay at home mom, I get to be there for every new thing that Jonathan does. (Kyle has missed every "first") I get to have leisurely quiet times on my porch where I sip coffee, enjoy the morning, and read. Granted, the task of motherhood is not easy, but the task of fatherhood is harder.

Kyle entrusts the daily raising of our son (and future children) to me and yet he is ultimately responsible before God for the state of our home. He is the physical, spiritual, and emotional provider of our home. We pull from his strength.

I am so thankful that Kyle also has a Father. His Heavenly Father provides him with the strength needed to fulfill his task. I am daily thankful for the Lords faithfulness to Kyle.

On those nights that Kyle doesn't get to see Jonathan, he comes home and gives me a kiss and then slips away to sneak into Jonathan's room and give him a kiss on the forehead.  Then, the next time Jonathan is awake, Kyle whispers to him. "I'm sorry we didn't get to spend time together yesterday, but when I got home I came in your room and kissed your forehead. I love you."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No, thank you.

2 Friday's ago I received a call from my dad. He wanted to know if I could come to Idaho the following day. My mom's father wasn't doing well and she needed to get to Alabama to spend time with him and help out the family. Which in turn meant that I needed to get to Idaho to help the family.

Don't misunderstand me; any member of my family would have done what they could to help out. It just so happened that I was the only person who was really available.

Isn't that how life so often works. You live your life to the best of your ability, pursuing the Lord, and then He is the one who lays opportunities of service in front of you. If you are to accept I believe that the one who serves is in turn more blessed than the people who were being served.

It was a long week, and a tiring week. ( I had at least 1 child in bed with me every night) But it was a fun week, and a week that opened my eyes ever more to all that my parents do for us.

My parents serve.

They serve their children with time, affection, finances, counsel, they lead by example, and they do all of these things at the sacrifice of themselves. I "walked a mile in their shoes" this week.

It was humbling.

I've been thanked over and over, from my sister and brother in law for watching their children, by my mom and dad for making it possible for Lisa to get to Alabama, by my aunt for being able to take a week and get caught up on life before she resumes responsibilities that Lisa performed for a week, and my my grandmama for "letting" Lisa come to Alabama and help.

I feel awkward saying "you're welcome".

Mostly because if anyone else in the family had been able, they would have done what I did (Which really was watching 5 kids I love to death for a week)

I feel my response should be "Thank you Lord for letting me serve." "Thank you Lord for letting me receive this blessing." "Thank you Lord for opening my eyes even more to my parents love." "Thank you for a week with such sweet little ones." "Thank you for a new friend." "Thank you Kyle, for loving my family and always putting them first." "Thank you Dad for the example that marriage should come first, and hard work should be blessed, making it possible for Jess and Caleb to get away by flying me up to babysit." "Thank you Dad for putting Lisa's family, and especially her dad first and giving her more time with them." "Thank you Lord for letting me be squeezed for a week and seeing what came out. For increased sanctification."

I also want to say thanks for the fun memories with my nieces, nephew, and little sister. They live far away and I don't get them to myself as much as I wish. The Lord gave us a week of memories.

Lastly, Jonathan crawled and sat up for the first time in front of his great-grandmother, and he listened to his great-grandfather play the harmonica for him (which is a bit of a family tradition, that I wasn't sure would happen again.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

teeth and crawling and sitting.. oh my! (and pulling himself up)

Our little man is full steam ahead, and I'm afraid he's not going to slow down. He's crawling all over the place, he's cut 2 teeth, he's pulled himself up, but his absolute favorite is sitting up. He sits up, looks around and then just smiles and smiles.

I'm not quite sure how, but I have the happiest baby ever. He is always ready for a smile and loves to laugh with you.

Every stage is my favorite stage.. and I'm sure the next will be even better, but right now I am so thankful to be this boys mommy and to watch him grow. How did I get so blessed?