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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I don't want to forget vol. 2

Jonathan has a naturally sweet disposition. Last week the nursery workers told me that when kids are upset in nursery Jonathan walks around to each of them, looks them in the eye and says "why you cryin'? it's ok" They also told me he is great at song time, he dances and claps and knows all the words.

He is also stubborn. Kyle likes to say that when he's the best, he's the very best. When he's the worst he's horrid. He knows what he wants and will fight for it. I hope to channel that into good things as he grows. 

He loves the movie cars. We haven't really done a lot of tv or movies, so it's kind of fun watching him have a show he loves. He also has a thing for the ladies. He gets a little "star struck" when he see's someone he thinks is pretty and then flirts. It's pretty adorable, and also something I'm going to have to train as he gets older! haha. 

His daddy is his best friend. It's pretty common for his first words in the morning to be " Let's go see dada." It is my great joy to watch them play together. 

He likes to spin and get dizzy. No, he loves to spin and get dizzy. It terrifies me. What if he falls into the corner of a counter or something? He also enjoys swimming and is pretty good in the pool. He knows his abc's, he can count to 10 pretty well and is memorizing his first verses. He turns 2 1/2 in August and I just want to freeze time. 

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